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   The new Wyannie Malone Historical Museum is created for your enjoyment, for the preservation of our past and the education of our young people. With the future completion of the Complex, we are planning new displays, which will portray the life and times of Elbow Cay and its environs over the past two centuries and beyond. Currently, we are still restoring and developing as we pick up the pieces from the destruction of Hurricane Floyd on September 14, 1999. Our previous residence was badly damaged by the Hurricane and many of our artifacts are in need of restoration. Our new location and buildings are designed to minimize the chance of this ever happening again.

   The Wyannie Malone House, is modeled after one of Hope Town's oldest houses and will be finished and furnished to approximate its 19th Century appearance. The Balcony House, the outside of which approximates another authentic Loyalist dwelling, will contain other exhibits that do not belong in a residence.

    The Wyannie Malone Museum Genealogy Project needs your help. If you are a descendant of the Widow Wyannie and have information regarding the following events in your immediate family, please submit them via email to by September 1, 2012.
From 2008 to present
1. Births
2. Marriages
3. Deaths

If you have any corrections to the previously published materials, please submit those by December 1, 2012. We are asking persons who have already submitted corrections to do so again to ensure the accuracy of the publication.

Materials received after the above deadlines will be recorded for an update publication to be released at a later date.

Thank you.
Please pass the word!

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